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Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)

Temporary anchorage devices commonly referred to as TADs. TADs consist of small titanium anchors which are utilized in certain orthodontic applications to help achieve faster movement of the teeth with corresponding greater efficiency and comfort level. TADs can be utilized in addition to braces or as an alternative to wearing headgear.

How Are TADs Applied?

To numb both the gum tissue and the jaw which surrounds the area where the TAD will be applied, a strong anesthetic is administered to the patient. After the treatment area becomes numb, Dr. Austin Rahaim will gently insert the TAD through the gum tissue and firmly sure the TAD to the jawbone. The gentle placement of the TAD is very fast and frequently is completed before patients even know the completion process has been concluded. While Dr. Austin Rahaim is installing the TAD, the patient might feel a very small degree of pressure within the mouth cavity. However, this type of sensation will typically dissipate completely within 24 hours. When your orthodontic treatment is completed because the TAD is no longer required to straighten the teeth, Dr. Austin Rahaim will remove the TAD. The removal of a TAD is a very comfortable procedure and only takes a few minutes to complete.

What Can a Patient Do In Order to Relieve Discomfort Caused By TADs?

Occasionally, patients will feel discomfort after Dr. Austin Rahaim installs a TAD. Assuming that this over-the-counter pain medicine is suitable for you, Tylenol® is recommended to help relieve pain that is related to the placement of a TAD. If a patient continues to experience discomfort for a period that lasts several days after the TAD installation is completed, please contact BayView Orthodontics in Bay St. Louis as quickly as possible.

How to Keep Your TAD Clean

Brushing your teeth a minimum of three times each day in the same manner that you clean your braces is the best way to keep your TAD clean. When your TAD is installed, Dr. Austin Rahaim will additionally provide you with very detailed directions and information regarding your TAD orthodontic treatment.

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