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Reliable and Efficient Class II Correction

Designed to promote adolescent growth, a Forsus™ appliance helps to eliminate an excessive overbite, will improve how the fit of an individual’s teeth. In addition, the Forsus™ appliance may possibly eliminate a need for invasive jaw surgery.


The installation of the Forsus™ appliance is completed during one appointment at BayView Orthodontics in Bay St. Louis. Furthermore, no additional lab work is required. Consequently, you will not have to wait to begin the application of the Forsus™ appliance treatment. Because the Forsus™ appliance provides a continuous, light pressure that causes your jaw and teeth to position correctly, no daily adjustments are required.


Because a Forsus™ appliance has a low profile, the Forsus™ appliance does not bend and press into the cheek muscles which other Class II dental correction appliances are prone to do. In addition, the Forsus™ appliance provides a full range of motion which causes your speech pattern as well as eating habits to not be impacted. What BayView Orthodontics in Bay St. Louis likes best about the Forsus™ appliance is that the Forsus™ appliance does not require any type of external corrective apparatus such as headgear. The Forsus™ appliance is supported comfortably to the rear of your mouth cavity. This positioning of the Forsus™ appliance will not allow anyone other than yourself to know that the Forsus™ appliance is in your mouth.

Convenient Application

The Forsus™ appliance provides an open coil spring design. This open coil design provides easy brush cleaning and there are also no gaps in the design which can frequently cause food to be trapped. The Forsus™ appliance will enable you to maintain your customary oral hygiene regimen. And, you will never have to worry about brush cleaning around a large, and cumbersome appliance. However, in one respect, the Forsus™ appliance does share a common concern with other types of appliances. You should avoid the consumption of both hard and sticky food. And brushing after every meal is highly recommended.

Highly Effective

The Forsus™ appliance generates steady pressure that causes the Forsus™ appliance to work properly without having the patient do anything else. The Forsus™ appliance continues to work by moving the jaw and teeth into alignment even while the patient is sleeping. There is no need to interrupt a Forsus™ appliance treatment that is being planned because the Forsus™ appliance will perform correctly with any existing braces or wires that the patient may be wearing now.

Level Up Your Smile.